The Bible,        A Unification Perspective


The Fall of Man

"When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it." Matt 12:43

  I think it's very difficult for most people to appreciate the full-scale devastation brought about by the Fall of Man.

  Even with our awareness of history and the world as it is today,  until we can experience life as it should have been,  and see the situation of souls in Hell, we'll always live in a muted state of awareness, and never be truly shocked and grieved over the reality of the Fall, the loss of man's true divine nature.
  The account of the Fall of Man in Genesis, for many, has faded into  the category of myth, and doesn't attract the attention of serious thought and inquiry.  And as it's written, it leaves many questions unanswered that might cross the rational mind. 


For instance;
  Was there, literally, a poisonous fruit that God left in the garden as a test for Adam & Eve? 

  Why would a loving God punish them with death for failing such a test?      

  Was there an actual talking snake who tempted Eve and therefore caused the fall of man?  And who or what is Satan? 
  How has sin been able to effect the succeeding generations of man since the Fall? 

  Was the Fall of Man a part of God's predestination? 

  Why does God allow evil and suffering to exist? 
  I'm sure that many more of such questions can be asked in relation to the Fall of Man.  In the following pages we'll try to provide new insights and clear, meaningful  answers.